OUR Features

Only necessary

Guaranteed Quality Files and Stable

We guarantee the best performance resources. Complete Suite Packages 100% Working.

Configure Server with wider range of advanced Tools, Editors & more.

Advanced source

We have a custom source made from scratch by our developer.

The leading MuOnline Server software & the heart of our suite. The way to start.

Dedicated Hosting Services

Well Manage Server Hosting 100% DDOS Proof.

We provide 24/7 monitoring with 99.9% Upstream.

Our pricing

Select the best package based on your usage.

One Time Payment
Servers Suit Packages
  • Inclusion: Premium Server Files + Useful ZGN Tools + WebCMS = Free Installation
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per month
DDOS Proof Servers
  • Heavy Duty Servers selected by ZGN!
  • Location: Singapore, Newyork & California
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One Time Payment
Custom Website Plugins
  • Accepts Custom Coding for WebEngine & DMNCMS
  • Premium Unique Website Template designing
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Anti- DDOS Firewall
  • Filtering L4 & L7 attacks. Botnet/IRC and any methods.
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